Installing Diablo 2 with Lutris


A friend wanted to play some multiplayer Diablo 2, and until the remake is released, we're stuck playing the old-school version (now branded as Diablo 2 classic or somesuch). I haven't actually gotten around to installing Windows on my new laptop, so I went through the process of getting it working under Linux (PopOS!) instead :)

Get Your CD Keys

If you haven't previously purchased Diablo from , go do that.

You need a CD key for Diablo 2 as well as one for the Lords of Destruction expansion.

Install Diablo 2 in Lutris

Make sure you select Lutris as the source in the left navigation, then search for "Diablo". It should bring up several items.

lutris search for diablo

There will be several different installers listed - pick the correct version for your region (since I'm installing from the net rather than CD)

Install D2: Lords of Destruction in Lutris

Make sure you install it to the SAME path that you installed Diablo 2!

That means matching up in two spots:

Other than that, installing the expansion is exactly the same as installing the primary game.

Extra wine packages

During the install, Wine will ask you about some additional packages. When prompted, agree to install them.

The prompt says it's better to use your OS versions, which may be true, but it's not at all obvious what OS repo packages to install from the prompts, so I went with the simpler option.

Playing in fullscreen (almost)

Diablo 2 (the classic version at least) doesn't support fullscreen in Lutris at all, but you can get pretty close.

  1. In Lutris, right click on the Lord of Destruction and choose Configure

  2. Under Runner Options, set Virtual Desktop Resolution to 832x264

    1. Also turn on Windowed (Virtual Desktop)
  3. Under System Options, set Switch Window Resolution to 832x264

    1. Also turn on Restore Resolution on Game Exit
  4. finally, load up the game, go to Options -> Video Settings and set the resolution to 800x600

This will create a black fullscreen desktop slightly bigger than the game window, and adjust your computer video resolution so it will fill the screen.

Play the game!

At this point everything works great - just load up Lutris and choose Lord of Destruction from the list!

The end result:

not bad for a 20y old game