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An analysis of ssh bruteforce attacks

I’ve been running my home server with fail2ban for quite some time, and it works great! So well that usually, there’s no need to think about the fact that it’s constantly under attack from around the globe (the internet is weird). Occasionally it’s fun to take a peek at the logs and see what sorts of things the ssh bruteforce attackers are trying. It looks like they’ve picked up some new tricks since the last time I checked…

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Exporting Krita layers for use in Spriter

I’m currently working on a game where the characters are hand-painted in Krita (an amazing digital painting tool!). I’m then using Spriter (also awesome!) to put together 2d animations. My original workflow for getting the images from Krita to Spriter is very manual and error-prone, so I’ve put together an automated script to do it for me.

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Sinatra-like Microframeworks Roundup

I’ve been using Perl Dancer for my personal webapps for a few years now, and am incredibly happy with it. I’ve also recently started deploying them with nginx+uwsgi, which (once you get the config right) is a great combination. I’ve recently been looking at what the equivalent would be in other popular languages. Since Dancer is inspired by Sinatra and most other languages have similarly inspired projects, it was a fairly simple list to put together.

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