Linux gaming

Updated Linux graphics benchmark in Ubuntu 12.10

After upgrading my laptop to Ubuntu 12.10, I decided to re-run the glmark2 tool to see if performance changed at all. Unfortunately, I seem to have lost some graphical oomph with the upgrade. My laptop’s new score is 697, using the same fglrx driver as before. Hopefully that will work itself out after a few weeks’ worth of upgrades/bugfix packages.

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Linux Graphics Benchmarking

With the upcoming beta of Steam for Linux, it seems like a good time to do some benchmarking to see how my graphics card stacks up. In the bad old days, the only real way to test graphics performance in linux was to run glxgears or a game like tuxracer. Luckily, there is now an actual benchmarking tool called glmark2. You can install it in Ubuntu with:

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Minecraft in Ubuntu 10.04

Minecraft is a great game, and supports a linux client. Unfortunately, it doesn’t actually ship with any sort of launcher script, just a .jar file. Since getting java to run anything is a pain, here’s my launcher script:

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