Exporting Krita layers for use in Spriter
I’m currently working on a game where the characters are hand-painted in Krita (an amazing digital painting tool!). I’m then using Spriter (also awesome!) to put together 2d animations. My original workflow for getting the images from Krita to Spriter is very manual and error-prone, so I’ve put together an automated script to do it … Continue reading Exporting Krita layers for use in Spriter
Fixing a Failed Safepoint on WD MyBookLive NAS
TL;DR: If you’re syncing linux computers to your NAS then creating a safepoint to an external drive, that drive needs to be linux-formatted or you’ll get errors. I recently bought a portable hard drive in order to make backups of my Western Digital MyBook Live Duo NAS.  While trying to create a Safepoint using the … Continue reading Fixing a Failed Safepoint on WD MyBookLive NAS
Sinatra-like Microframeworks Roundup
I’ve been using Perl Dancer for my personal webapps for a few years now, and am incredibly happy with it. I’ve also recently started deploying them with nginx+uwsgi, which (once you get the config right) is a great combination. I’ve recently been looking at what the equivalent would be in other popular languages. Since Dancer … Continue reading Sinatra-like Microframeworks Roundup
Headless Mac Mini Hardware Hack
A few months ago I installed Ubuntu on my old 2009 Mac Mini (and apparently neglected to write about it), which went well except that it would only boot up properly if there was a monitor attached. For something that I’m using as a headless server, that amounts to a giant pain in the butt. … Continue reading Headless Mac Mini Hardware Hack
Reading RSS in Perl like a DB
My website currently uses RSS feeds as data sources, and I’m trying to replace some custom parsing code with standard CPAN modules. The DBD::AnyData module seems almost perfect, with the exception that I just spent a few hours banging my head on it trying to get it to read RSS properly. Despite trying many different … Continue reading Reading RSS in Perl like a DB
Nodejs in Ubuntu 12.10
I’m trying to play around with AngularJS, but it seems to require node.js for its testing. That’s alright, except for the fact that ubuntu provides a fairly old version of nodejs in the repos. The problem I ran into when running the test script in angular-phonecat tutorial was: Error(config): Config file does not exist Some … Continue reading Nodejs in Ubuntu 12.10